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Suns Postgame Video: Dragic and Tucker talk turkey

The Phoenix Suns opened their season with a home loss to the Golden State Warriors. There were a few positive signs but mostly just "areas for improvement".

Goran Dragic and P.J. Tucker were the stat stars of the Suns loss. Goran opened his career as the news Suns point guard with a solid 17 point, 8 assist, 6 rebound performance. He also had three steals and three turnovers and looked 100 percent ready for his role but not 100 percent comfortable in it.

Bench energy dude, P.J. Tucker was a difference-maker with his hustle and toughness and earned a spot in the crunch time line up.

In the video, Dragic talks about making open shots (yup) and Tucker gets some face time talking about his role which is to be the bench energy dude.

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