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Recapping the Recaps of Phoenix's loss to Chicago

Michael Beasley and Jared Dudley need to to step up. Performances like theirs last night could cost Phoenix many close games down the stretch.

Christian Petersen

It seems to me that the main disappointment last night were the performances of Jared Dudley and Michael Beasley.

Dave pointed it out clearly. When Scola fouled out, Beasley appeared to come in and just expect for things to fall his way...they didn't. If the Suns are going to want to win these close games, they will have to have better nights from Dudley and Beasley. Dudley finished 2-5 from the field with 5 points and a +/- rating of -7. Beasley ended up a -20, shot 4-15 on the night, and coughed up 4 turnovers.

Dave put it perfectly again when he described how the rest of the team seems to not give up and fight like a team with their talent has to, except for Dudley and Beasley:

But all these accolades of effort and scrappiness stops at eight of the ten players in the Suns regular rotation. Paging the heartbeats of Michael Beasley and Jared Dudley - the Suns starting wing players who didn't factor into the comeback attempt last night.

Check out the rest of Dave's article: Phoenix Suns' Michael Beasley and Jared Dudley Must Step Up or Step Down

Let's look at some tweets that highlight the positives of last night:

I believe in PJ Tucker.

Don't get me wrong, Sebastian Telfair had a great game last night, except for this play that is sure to be on Top 10 Plays for SportsCenter:

So Suns fans, there were some encouraging parts to last night's game, but it also worries me that Dudley and Beasley are performing like they are. What do you think the Suns need to do in order to close out comebacks like this?

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