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Injury updates for Pacific Division clash for third place primacy (Suns vs Lakers)

The Phoenix Suns and Los Angles Lakers are set to continue their storied rivalry which features far more stories than actual rivals. Here's an update on who's good to play and who's knee is too injured to sit on the sidelines and call plays.

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Help, he's fallen and can't get up!
Help, he's fallen and can't get up!
Jennifer Stewart-US PRESSWIRE

For the Suns, it's all about the resurgent Markieff Morris and his sore ass. Morris fell hard and said ass late in the game on (whenever the hell that game was) against the Bulls. Now, we all well know that Morris is a hardass from Philly so it's difficult to believe that a bruised ass would have him sitting on his butt watching this game.

Morris confirmed his reputation with this quote as transcribed by the unstoppable Paul Coro of the undeliverable (?) Arizona Republic:

"I'm just going to see how I feel when I work out," Morris said. "If I'm more than 70 percent, then I will for sure go. They can't hold me down. This ain't nothing."

That's the spirit! A hard fall on his ass is not going to keep Markieff Freakin Morris out of an important basketball game to see which of these two teams will hold on to third place in the division in mid-November! Must win, baby!

Besides, do we really want to see a full game of Luis Scola getting torched by Pau Gasol? Let me help you with that: NOPE.

In other injury news, the uninjured Jermaine O'Neal is ready to play after missing the last six games due to the illness and subsequent funeral of his aunt. Thoughts and prayers, JO!

The big fella is looking to assert himself offensively off the bench. He wants post touches -- something yours truly called for weeks ago when he was matched up against Carl "Tiny" Landry but was ignored in favor of Shannon Brown Mad Bombs.

On the Lakers front, their starting point guard and two-time MVP from British Columbia, Canada by way of Santa Clara, Phoenix, Dallas, and Phoenix, is out with a broken leg. You would think the training staff in Phoenix would have fixed that shit by now with some magic powder but sorry, Steve, you picked L.A. and so now you are subject to the laws of mortal medicine.

Mike D'Antoni is out (knee) and Steve Blake is questionable (abs) while Jordan Hill (back) and Kobe Bryant (who gives a fuck) are likely.

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