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Guess the Suns starting five, the contest!

Suns coach Alvin Gentry has said that he WILL be changing up his starting five for the next Phoenix Suns game. He hasn't said what those changes will be. Guess right, and win!

Christian Petersen

To be clear, there is no actual prize. This contest is for bragging rights only and if you want, you can write a guest post on Bright Side of the Sun.

Post your guess on Facebook here.

There's only....actually, I have no idea how many possible line up combinations there are given a 15-man roster with five of those 15 starting together. Paging, Jim. STAT!

Anyway, regardless of how many possible lineup combinations there are, there's only one answer that will be correct and it could be yours. Just make your guess on the Facebook page before the lineup is either announced or reported by a credible source.

Guesses in the comments here don't count. In fact, I'm closing the comments on this story to force you to go to Facebook (and while you are there, you should Like our page because we do so much for you and you don't have to pay us anything so just do it because we asked and karma).

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