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Suns move away from "Corner" offense thanks to Gortat and others

The highly knowledgable Randy Hill from Fox Sports Arizona shares his thoughts on the Gortat comments and how they relate to the overall Suns offense. We also have quotes from Marcin's first interview with local media since his comments went public.

Christian Petersen

Randy Hill is a guy who covers the Suns on a daily basis and on pure basketball knowledge is THE most technically insightful source of information on the team. The guy is a legit basketball coach/scout who both knows this team and the game of basketball.

Here's what Randy has to say.

Fox Sports Arizona
It also should be noted the Suns' recent shift away from a heavy dose of the Corner-series offense probably has quite a bit to do with Gortat's inability to function within its parameters. Because the system has two post players operating near each elbow, newcomer Luis Scola – a more accomplished passer – was supposed to spend considerable time on the strong side of the formation. But Gortat sort of whined his way off the weak side, where an enterprising offensive player could use deft maneuvering in the off-ball, two-man game to create shot opportunities.

There's more there. You should read it.

Kyndra de St. Aubin of Arizona Sports 620 is the first reporter to talk to Marcin since his comments. Read her full story.

Suns center Gortat admits he must play better -
"The way I play, I definitely don't think I can help the team to win the games and that's frustrating, definitely," he said. "Hopefully with the season and with the next few games, things are going to change."

Alvin has already said he doesn't see things changing in regards to how Marcin will be used. So...

On a completely unrelated note, there's this.

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