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Video: Where Alvin Gentry tells the Tucker tale

The Phoenix Suns rallied again behind the strength of Markieff Morris and the amazing exploits of P.J. Tucker and Jermaine O'Neal.

Maybe it's time we give the front office a little credit, huh? P.J. Tucker. Jermaine O`Neal. Sebastian Telfair. Markieff Morris. These are the guys stepping up for the Phoenix Suns right now with Goran Dragic as the only consistent "starter".

And I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but Dragic doesn't look right these last two games. You can see it in his face. Maybe he's battling through some illness. Maybe he's got something else going on in his life. He just doesn't look right...but he still delivered (20 pts, 8 ast, 3 stl) unlike some other folks we could mention.

In Alvin's presser, the highest and most effusive praise went for Tucker and the old man, O'Neal. I don't know if these guys can keep it up all season, but they are fun to watch right now. Just imagine what would happen if some other folks on the roster decided to join the season as well.

As for the battle between Lopez and Gortat? Well, that was a bust.

More postgame quotes at SB Nation Arizona.

Here's video from Tucker and Morris. Enjoy!

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