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Suns: Have fun at our game or get your money back

The Phoenix Suns front office (the business side) are taking a bold step to try and get more butts in the purple seats at U.S. Airways Center. The team is offering a guarantee to fans who purchase tickets -- have fun at the game or get your money back.

PLEASE, won't you come watch me play?
PLEASE, won't you come watch me play?
Christian Petersen

You have to admire the pluck of new Suns president Jason Rowley. Faced with the famously fickle fans of Phoenix (aliteration win!), the team is going to offer money back to those who buy a ticket to the Mavs game on the December 6.

Apparently, all you need to do is fill out an online form after the game and send it in with your ticket and Robert Sarver will personally deliver your refund along with a gift basket containing Groupons to his bank. (Details subject to verification.)


Here's how Rowley explains it:

Phoenix Suns to offer fans money back fun guarantee - ESPN
"That's a big part of why we're doing this," Rowley said. "Just because our players don't have huge name recognition doesn't mean we're not fun to watch and can't compete. Sure, people relate to star power, but we believe in the team aspect and we're marketing this team as a team instead of a group of individuals."

Going to a sporting event has long been about more than the "game on the field". From the music to the mascots to the scantily clad dancers and free t-shirts, teams understand that they can't always count on the quality of play to be the main attraction.

Rowley is taking a bold stand against all that "other noise" and saying that the Suns, despite their losing record, are reason enough to buy a ticket and have a good time.


Ed Note: So, a funny thing happened this morning. Both Dave King and I decided to write about the same story at the same time. For the record, I emailed him telling him I was "getting" this story and he didn't respond NOR did he email me saying he had it. Ergo, it's his fault. Obviously. Duh. Enjoy his story and this impromptu experiment at how two different people write about the same thing.

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