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Solar Flares - Weekly NBA Open Thread - Nov 5-11

Here we are in week two of the NBA schedule. You know things are a little wonky when the Lakers and Nuggets are a combined 1-6 while the Warriors and Magic are a combined 4-1.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

The Suns have started the season 1-2 despite leading in all 3 of their games in the second half. This week, they play four games, with three of those on the road. The only home game this week (through Sunday) is hosting a young, upstart Cleveland team.

Here's a couple of links on the Suns. Don't be surprised by the tenor.

One person's weekly NBA power rankings have the Suns in the bottom five of the NBA, where they belong after last night's debacle.

Hoopsworld points out how the Suns are struggling with their new pieces.

The first few weeks of the NBA season are crazy and not always predictable or sustainable. Let's use this thread to talk about random Suns stuff as well as random stuff throughout the rest of the league.

Have at it...

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