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Suns set to face the Heat: No rest for the disinterested

A Phoenix team fresh off a humiliating performance in Orlando now have the honor of facing the best basketball player in the (known) universe and his band of defending NBA champs. No word yet if the Suns will bother to show up to the game or simply mail in their effort early voting style.

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LeBron has more talent in his right shoe than....well, you know.
LeBron has more talent in his right shoe than....well, you know.
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The good news is this Phoenix Suns team isn't led by old folks who are burdened by playing back-to-back games. In fact, you could -- and probably should -- argue that the best possible thing for Alvin Gentry's youngish gaggle of misfits on Monday is to take their limited talents to South Beach and climb right back on the bucking bronco that is the NBA schedule.

It's probably a given that LeBron James and his merry cast of Heatsters care not one whit for the travails of Jared Dudley's missing jump shot, Michael Beasley's attempts to Melo-ize his game, Alvin Gentry's whacky rotations, or the carnival that is Suns basketball all of three games into the season.

There was a sweet time a few years back when confident Phoenix fans looked at "Miami" on the schedule and mentally assured themselves a win. Then a win would happen.

Now the golden hightop is on the other foot and the tanned gods and goddesses of South Florida are rightly convinced that they will be treated to a victory (once they bother to show up around halftime).

Knowing what we've seen from the Suns, it's pretty hard to argue with them. Also, they are just so damned good looking that any attempts at basketball discussion quickly dissolve into a drooling puddle of bikini mush. (And that's with the male Heat fans.)

Highly Detailed Analysis of Miami Heat Roster

LeBron James is amazing.

Game Schedule

The game starts at 7:30pm ET and likely will be over by 8:00pm ET. Doing some quick daylight savings time adjusted math, that means...carry the one...subtract the remainder...take off the shoes....that for Suns fans in sunny Arizona, be sure to have your TeeVees on by 5:30pm and you can confidently make dinner plans starting at 6:00pm.

The game will be broadcast on Fox Sports Arizona (the best Fox Sports in the entire state) and on NBA League Pass which is now free for a few more days. In Miami people can watch on something called "SunSpM" but honestly, if I lived in Miami and was a Heat fan I'd probably find a few other things to do tonight.

Quote and Power Ranking

Goran pretty much sums it up here:

Phoenix Suns’ Jared Dudley must improve on shots
“The third quarter, we were too selfish and our defense was terrible,” guard Goran Dragic said.

Good quote aside, how striking is it to see Goran's English at this level. I guarantee you this quote a couple of years ago would have read: "I think so that third quarter defense was very, very horrible and that we play selfishly."

I miss that Goran.

And here we have weekly power rankings from Seth Rosenthal (aka lil Seth) who has the Suns in his top ten!

NBA week 2 power rankings: Ignore these rankings -
They're not even thaaaaaat bad so far, just super flaky and unreliable, which, when you look at who's getting minutes, kind of makes sense. Regardless of context, watching Luis Scola in his new home has been fun.

What, did you believe me?

Links to stuff

Next Game

Phoenix Suns (1-2)
@ Miami Heat (2-1)

Monday, Nov 5, 2012, 5:30 PM MST
AmericanAirlines Arena

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And because nobody loves you as much as I love you...there's this:

Writer's Notebook: There is literally no story that can't be told with K-Pop.

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