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Recapping the recaps of the Massacre in Miami

Sometimes in sports surprises happen and the underdog reaches up and slays the giant. Mostly though, the Miami Heat simply crush the Phoenix Suns as they did by 25 points on Monday night. Oh well.

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Mike Ehrmann

I'm struggling to find anything else to say about this game. The Miami Heat were clearly the better team but the only takeaway I have is just how damn good they looked. We knew LeBron James and friends were solid last year, but now they look like a team playing on an entirely different level. The only chance the rest of the league has is to pray for injury...and then pray for relief from bad karma that comes from praying for injury.

Jared Dudley, never shy about dropping some hyperbolic bombs, said this about the Heat:

"That was probably the most unselfish team I’ve ever played against since I’ve been in the NBA. It was drive, kick, swing, penetrate, flair, I mean they were hitting everyone. Even when someone had a good shot, they would make an extra pass to someone who even had a better shot. That’s the way basketball is supposed to be played. They perfected it to a ‘T’ tonight."


Here's more recaps.

Heat final score: Suns eclipsed by dominant Heat, 124-99 - Hot Hot Hoops

their defense could do little to stop the juggernaut that was the Heat's all-out attack on the basket from all areas of the court.

Miami Heat 124, Phoenix Suns 99 -- No chance

The Suns should be proud of the way they fought to make this a game early in the second half despite only shooting 39.8 percent for the contest and getting outboarded by 11.

Phoenix Suns can’t handle Miami Heat

"They gave us a lesson," Suns point guard Goran Dragic said. "They had great spacing. They shared the ball really well. We were late on our close-out rotation. Defense, they played really well in pick-and-roll. There were always two guys on me. They found the right answer for everything."

And here's the video highlights that apparently the NBA doesn't mind being ripped off from their site.

Download the Game Book here (if you dare)

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