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Elections matter: Vote for 'change' or 'stay the course'

When it comes to the Phoenix Suns, the last four years have been questionable at best. Aside from a nice little spike in the GDP in 2010, this team has produced three trips to the lottery and seems destined for a fourth. How will you cast your ballot in Tuesday's election?


Here are the platforms of the two candidates:

1) Vote for Change

A vote for change in this election would mean firing someone in charge (take your pick from Sarver on down to The Gorilla); a change in the starting lineup from _____ to ____ (details are overrated in elections); more minutes for rookie Kendall Marshall based on his ability to rock a Justin Beiber backpack and tweet slightly interesting things about his daily life; and new uniforms for the team and all its registered fans.

2) Vote for Stay the Course

A vote for staying the course means blown leads to teams (allegedly) worse than the Suns; blow outs against good and probably even just mediocre teams; looking forward to the Bobcats with all the fear and trepidation of a rookie point guard wearing a goofy backpack walking into a biker bar; and an early start on scouting the draft.

What say you, 'Merica?

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