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Is Michael Beasley being benched or traded or something?

File this under pure speculation and random rumor, but there's an interesting Tweet from a former writer about the status of Michael Beasley.


Here's the tweet from Shaun Powell:

There's no denying the Suns are a "team in a tailspin" but would they go so far as to completely bench Beasley and ice him out of all playing time? The guy had one nice game off the bench and one not good game off the bench. That's not exactly a good sample size.

As for being "toxic", that doesn't exactly ring true unless there's a lot of dissatisfaction from his teammates about Michael's shot selection, low efficiency and porous defense. Those things aren't important, right?

Could he be traded at this point? Who would take him and why?

Then again, "major shakeup" could mean something else entirely like a change in the coaching staff or front office. It's not like Lance Blanks is getting a lot of support right now either (see this tweet from Ced Ceballos).

Then again (again), this is one tweet from a guy with no history about breaking Suns news.

We'll just have to wait and see how this plays out, but in the mean time, the Powell tweet generated plenty of sarcasm and derision towards the Suns front office as evidenced by this comment from ESPN's Zach Lowe.

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