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12 is a magical number in Phoenix Suns history

In honor of the very last time this century we will experience a symmetrical date like this, here's a list of Phoenix Suns players to wear the number 12.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

In all of NBA history, there were just 349 players to wear the number 12. Ironically (or perhaps irony isn't the right word for this kind of spooky thing!) TWELVE Suns players wore the number 12 in their career!!

12 out of 349 is 3.4% which is almost exactly proportional to the Suns being one out of 30 teams (of course the league didn't always have 30 teams but don't ruin my karma, dude).

The list includes a present player who's continue presence in the NBA is anything but a sure thing. It includes one famous-ish Suns player. And it includes one of the great coaches and executive in NBA history who happened to also play in Phoenix. There's also some other dudes you've never heard of.

Here's the list via basketball-reference.

  1. Ed Biedenbach (1969)
  2. Pat Riley (1976)
  3. Ted McClain (1979)
  4. Johnny High (1980)
  5. Rafael Addison (1987)
  6. Winston Crite (1988-1989)
  7. Richard Dumas (1995)
  8. Toby Bailey (1999-2000)
  9. Howard Eisley (2004)
  10. Andre Barrett (2006)
  11. Mickael Pietrus (2011)
  12. Kendall Marshall (2013)

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