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Suns Podcast #2: 12/11/2012

How did the Suns get here, where exactly is here and where are they going? Kris Habbas from SB Nation AZ helps me break it down. Actually, Kris carries the podcast like the Goran Dragic to my Michael Beasley. More on them in the show.

Does anyone else feel duped?
Does anyone else feel duped?
Jim Coughenour

This week's version has two parts.

The first consists of a review of the games from the previous week, discussion on current events such as Gentry's "vote of confidence" and the "toxic" nature of Michael Beasley (or not), and a look ahead at the games for the upcoming week.

The second is a game of "win, lose or draw", where Kris and I discuss where the Suns rank among the skid row teams in the league.

Both run about 25 minutes. The first is more current event oriented while the second is a morbid playful excursus. We decided to break it up this way to let you choose what you would like to listen to without being subjugated to 50 straight minutes of my inane ramblings.

I still haven't picked a name or logo. I'm a sluggard. I guess if Pelicans has actually been given serious consideration it would be an impressive feat to step under that bar... Does anybody have any ideas?

Podcast #2 Part One

Podcast #2 Part Two

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