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Video: Gentry, Dudley and Brown explain how Suns slept through 1st half...and still won

The unspoken answer, of course, is that the Suns were playing the Sacramento Kings. That allowed them to play only half a game and still win. And by "unspoken", we mean everyone not named Marcin Gortat who doesn't have that term in his English vocabulary.

Marcin Gortat came ready to play. The Kings did not. Also, the rest of the Suns did not until the second half. It is obviously baffling to understand how THIS team could look at any other NBA team and feel like they don't need to play hard for 48 minutes to win.

Then again, if they don't play hard for 48 minutes and still win it kind of reinforces the negative habits. I believe that's called "Moral Hazard"....which, might be a better name for the Sacramento basketball team.

The Sacramento Moral Hazards. I like it.

Here's Marcin's comments after the game:

Phoenix Suns 101, Sacramento Kings 90 -- Tale of two halves
"I think I came ready to play," Gortat said. "The past two weeks I’ve been lifting really hard, so I felt really powerful and energetic at the same time. Quite honestly, I don’t think he (Cousins) really wanted to play today. That’s just how it is."

[emphasis added, although I would like to think Gortat speaks in bold text sometimes]

True enough. Marcin just better watch out next time he sees DeMarcus who has a thing for delivering low blows to players who cross him verbally. Of course, at this point, it seems like Cousins would rather be suspended than play for the Moral Hazards (reminds self to wear a cup next time I see DeMarcus).

Side bar: Would DeMarcus be known as the Duke of the Hazards?

Here's some more brilliant observations about this not so brilliant game:

The Phoenix Suns Get Back To Situational Scoring... And Winning - SB Nation Arizona
With this personnel it is pretty clear that the Suns need to have more balance and fluidity to their offense meaning passing the ball, executing, and what might be the most important factor on the offensive end -- situational scoring.

Suns end up with enough to defeat Kings
"The basket looked about this big," Dragic, using his thumb and index finger to make a circle roughly the diameter of a quarter, said.

Kings 90, Suns 101: Kind-Hearted Sacramento Continues its Gift Giving Tour of NBA - Sactown Royalty
Once the Suns knew they were being given the game, the Kings didn't bother trying to hide it anymore.

And more video from your three-game winning PHOENIX SUNS!

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