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Hello, Bright Side

My name is Kris Habbas and I am a basketball junkie. This is the opus and fulmination of my career arc that has led me, finally, after prolonged delay and agony -- to the Bright Side.

For a while now I have felt like a distant cousin to the Bright Side that was accepted and "kept in touch," but was distant from the family. That is all changing now as I have fully come over to the Bright Side out of the shadows.

Working with Dave, Jim, and Seth has been fun from afar, but I think coming together as a cohesive unit now should make Bright Side a formidable source for Phoenix Suns news and analysis.

I am not as eloquent and waxing as Jim Coughenour (Coke-an-hour) with the way his mental thesaurus leaps over our heads in a single, effortless bound.

There is no way I can match the knowledge of a life-long Suns fan like Dave King who can, with vivid detail, recall the 11th Man on the 1993 team as they waved their towels with vigor and passion.

Seth Pollack is the voice of the voiceless here -- or at least the voice of the most reasonable pessimist with acute expectations and witty rumblings of a porcupine in defense mode as he breaks down the teams inefficiencies.

Those three bring an element that I will not try to match, but rather enhance with my own style.

What you get from me is a reporter on the ground (roaming reporter) that gets to practice, games, and events. My relationship with the team has grown over the years making it easier to get in-depth interviews to bring more than just opinion to my writing. There is no spin with me, just the black and white of a story with my depiction of grey. Not a fan of the team, but a subjective basketball head ready to give the truth whether it is appealing or not.

So who am I?

Well, not to get too deep, but I am a writer, a basketball analyst, and an NBA Draft scout. For the past four years I have independently run NBA Draft Insider (NDI) which is one of the leading sources for the draft making me one of those self proclaimed "experts" on the event. I go to events across the country scouting potential NBA players including the Nike Hoops Summit, NBA Combine, and relevant college games in the area, which couldn't be more relevant to the current situation the Suns are in.

On top of that I have written for three years as a free-lancer for Dime Magazine (NBA Draft and more), Arizona Sports 620 (Arizona Wildcats), and worked for 1010 Breakthrough Sports Radio.

Over the past year I have been with SB Nation writing for the Arizona Hub and had my work frequently get cross-promoted here. Now I am simply here.

That is enough about me. Time to dig into the Suns and make sure that I can continue the excellence that is the Bright Side of the Sun, which is quite honestly, the best in-depth coverage of the team on the internets.

My Phoenix Suns Tweets are Twittered at: @Kris_Habbas

My NBA Draft Tweets are Tweeted at: @NBADraftInsider

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