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Kendall Marshall 'outshines other D-league assignees'

According to Keith Schlosser from Ridiculous Update (who's business is covering the D-league), Kendall Marshall was the best NBA player in the minors on Monday.

Here's part of his report:

Kendall Marshall Outshines Fellow NBA Assignees In D-League Debut - Ridiculous Upside

And that's when Marshall pounced and helped carry his team to victory. Early on, the young gun could be seen dishing and swishing as he found a nice steady rhythm while setting up Jenkins for easy shots. The Suns' rookie did finish with 8 assists for the Jam, but it was his aggressive nature on offense that eventually secured the win. Marshall asserted himself inside, attacking the basket, as he scored 6 late quarter points during a run that otherwise sunk the Warriors.

Read the rest at Ridiculous Upside.

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