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Kendall Marshall leads Jam to victory as 'volume shooter'

In Kendall Marshall's second D-league game the trend continued. The rookie PG known for his passing has clearly taken to heart the instruction that obviously mirrors what the team was telling him during summer league -- SHOOT THE BALL.

Marshall went 5-13 (0-3 from three) in his second game, a 109-95 win for the Jam.

His complete line was: 11 points, 10 assists, two steals, two turnovers three rebounds in 32 minutes. The starting point guard for the LA Defenders, Courtney Fortson is a 5-11 guard with some NBA experience.

Here's the box score.

And here's a very nice look at how different NBA teams are using the D-league to develop their young players. The trend in the NBA is to "own" your own D-league team like the Lakers and Spurs and Warriors do. The Suns, however, share the Jam with three other teams and therefor have less control over how things in Bakersfield are run.

NBA Teams Getting D-League Assignments Down To A Science - Ridiculous Upside

With so many direct affiliations between NBA and D-League squads, the parent squads are working things down to a science with regard to minor league assignments. Donning an NBA jersey one night, and a minor league one the next, is becoming the new norm as squads look to further the development of younger prospects.

If you missed the Marshall game because you were watching the Suns losing to the Grizzlies, we got you covered.

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