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SB Nation AZ/Bright Side of the Sun Podcast #1 12/4/2012

When I decided to pursue the continuation of podcasts for this season, I received an outpouring of support from my esteemed colleagues (by which I mean I supplicated, pleaded and implored until someone finally grudgingly accepted). After an intensive and exhaustive candidate review, Kris Habbas stepped to the forefront (or maybe everyone else simply took a step back). Either way, here's this season's pilot.

The audio is every bit as good as the artwork.
The audio is every bit as good as the artwork.
Jim Coughenour

Some of the topics discussed include the Suns woefully pathetic defense, rotations, personnel, scheme, coaching, organizational changes, (lack of) talent, over/under on a player going for 30, the TNT refund game and a look ahead into the coming week.

Like I mentioned, it's a pilot, so please have mercy on us me. It can only get better (or not). Special thanks to Kris for joining me in this undertaking.

I was also thinking about doing some artwork (even better than my current creation) for the standard tag image for the podcast posts and a name, so any suggestions would be more than welcome.


Podcast #1 12/4/12

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