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Game Preview: Orlando Magic (7-12) at Phoenix Suns (7-14)

The 7-14 Suns play host to the 7-12 Magic in a battle of mediocrity on Sunday evening. Let's hope that Phoenix finds a way to end their six-game losing streak.


The Phoenix Suns need a win. We already know that this season is not going to be a pretty one and we know that the Suns don't have the talent to make a playoff run, but seven losses in a row would be tough to watch. While hosting the Orlando Magic, the Suns have a perfect chance to get a win at home and provide some much needed relief to fans around the Valley.

Where: US Airways Center in Phoenix, AZ

When: 6:00 pm MST

Watch: FSNAZ; NBA League Pass

Key Match-Ups:

Goran Dragic vs Jameer Nelson: I give a slight edge to The Dragon in this one folks, keyword: slight. Dragic and Nelson are both averaging 6.5 assists per game, but Dragic holds the edge in points per game with 15.5 over Nelson's 13.7. Both of these players put up similar numbers, so I would not be surprised if either has the better night, but throw me in the optimistic bunch who think that Dragic will have a decent night against Nelson.

Shannon Brown vs Arron Afflalo: Afflalo has been a mystery to me. In late November, Brooklyn absolutely shuts him down to 5 points on 2-10 shooting and then he drops 30 on the Lakers in his next game. He clearly has scoring ability and has the touch to hit outside shots. I give Afflalo the advantage over Brown. Brown has been playing about as expected since joining the starting the lineup, but he certainly hasn't been anything spectacular. I expect Brown to have a decent night, but for Afflalo to get the best of Brown in the contest.

The Suns' Bigs vs The Magic's Bigs: Markieff Morris has been a pleasant surprise in the starting lineup, but he will have his hands full against Orlando with Glen Davis. Davis is averaging 16.2 points per game and is hauling in 8.6 rebounds every game as well. The key to Morris' night will be rebounding. He will have to keep Davis from getting easy second-chance opportunities if the Suns want to keep "Big Baby" in check. Marcin Gortat has been struggling in the past couple of weeks and is constantly being brought up in trade rumors. Going up against Nikola Vucevic will give Gortat a chance to have a bounce back game, but don't expect one good game to end discussions of Gortat being shipped out of Phoenix. Would I be crazy to say this match-up is a push?

Final Breakdown: I honestly have no idea who will win this game. Neither team would surprise me by winning. If the Suns win, they end their six-game losing skid and if the Magic win, well...good for them, they now have eight wins. This game is a showcase of mediocrity that won't have many ramifications on either team's season. My advice: enjoy Sunday with your family/loved ones, watch football, catch highlights of Saturday night's great showcase of fights (Congrats to Glendale's Benson Henderson for retaining the UFC Lightweight Championship), or do something productive. If none of the previously stated endeavors suit you and you want to watch a painfully average NBA game, feel free to tune in to FSNAZ or NBA League Pass to catch the Phoenix Suns play the Orlando Magic.

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