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Phoenix Suns Face Bleakest Future, ESPN Analysts Opine

No surprises here, the Phoenix Suns future is not so bright. According to a couple of ESPN "analysts" the Suns are 29th on their "Future Power Rankings". And just to be clear, that's on a scale of 1 to 30 so 29 is bad but not quite as bad as the Bobcats.

ESPN's NBA Future Power Rankings: 26-30 - ESPN
Besides Steve Nash, Marcin Gortat and Jared Dudley, every other player on the roster who gets significant minutes has a PER below the league average.

At the end of the day, who really cares where these guys ranks the Suns on their fancy list. 29th. 27th. 23rd. That doesn't matter. What matters is the core truth exposed revealed reminded by this ranking.

This Suns team has a) a few questionable long-term contracts thanks to Robert Sarver's panic spending in the wake of Amare's departure b) only one real prospect on the roster (Markieff Morris) thanks to some questionable drafting (Earl Clark, Robin Lopez) and c) one fewer first round pick and one fewer young point guard thanks to a failed trade last year.

Oh, and Happy Valentines Day! Try not to let this "news" get you down. Try eating some chocolate, that's often helps.

Also try and remember that these things have a way of turning around sometimes.

Remember how bad things looked for the Diamondbacks in July 2010? Remember last week when the Knicks didn't have a point guard and Mike D'Antoni was about to get canned?

There's a couple of truths in life for situations like this: Things change in unexpected ways and ESPN Analysts aren't all-knowing gods.

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