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Phoenix Suns' Markieff Morris Likes a Bench Role. Should We Be Worried?

In an interview with Arizona Sports, Suns rookie power forward Markieff Morris admitted he asked Alvin Gentry if he could come off the bench:

"When I was starting I was taking a backseat...For me I was kind of deferring to Gortat and Steve and Grant. I felt like I was just out on the court. I felt like I wasn't doing anything."

Um, so why weren't you doing anything? You don't need the ball to do things when you are on the court. Hm.

You can't blame Morris for wanting to go back to a more productive role coming off the bench, where he averages 8 and 5, as opposed to his mostly awful numbers as a starter. However, I am not so sure what kind of message that sends to Alvin Gentry and the general public. On one hand you have a Josh Childress dying for minutes yet continuing his mantra of team first. I'm ready, I'll do whatever coach wants, when he wants it. I'm ready to go. Morris however sees himself as a bench guy:

"I just told Alvin I think it would be better if I come off the bench and bring that spark off the bench."

There's nothing wrong with providing a spark off the bench, but if the rookie really means what he says, you don't have to read too much into his words to believe that he wants to establish his own role, and what the coach my think or say doesn't much matter.

"I know my role...I have to be aggressive because I'm one of the go-to guys off the bench."

Yes Markieff, but your team is lacking go-to guys in the starting lineup, too. And you were placed in the starting lineup due in part to your success coming off the bench. I suppose he hasn't realized that or has career aspirations of winning consecutive "6th Man of the Year."

I'm not going to lambaste the rookie over these comments. He is young. And youngsters often say things they do not mean. Heck, I say plenty of things I don't mean, and I'm old. But I would think a rookie who wants to play NBA ball for a long time would have a few tag lines in his repertoire ready at all times.

So, since I am mostly a nice guy, a fan of Markieff and the Suns, I would like to help the youngster. Call it taking him under my wing from afar. Here are a few simple quotes Markieff can use to stave off any doubts about what he is here to do:

1. "I'm just here to help my team win as many games possible. I'll come off the bench if coach wants or I'll be a starter. Whatever coach wants me to do."

2. "Playing with Steve Nash in the first unit is an honor and I'm very thankful to have the opportunity to play with a future hall of famer."

3. "Playing with Grant Hill in the first unit is an honor and I'm very thankful to have the opportunity to play with a man of such high character. I'm also learning a lot just watching him. He's the ultimate professional"

4. "I'm thankful that Channing Frye is sucking so bad because it gives me the chance to play starters minutes." (SARC)

5. "I didn't come into the NBA to sit on the bench. Coach thinks I'm a starter, and I'm going to play like a starter.

Hey, that was fun. Can you all think of some things
Markieff could say that would leave us no
doubt that he's here to be a beast?

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