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They Never Stop! Latest On Nash Rumors

This is getting ridiculous. I was scrolling down the home page of a big-time sports site and couldn't help but see this headline. My blood pressure rose a bit, and I hit the link with disdain.


No matter what Phoenix Suns starting PG and future Hall of Famer says to the media, they can't stop concocting hair-brained stories about him going this way or that way! Argh!

Deadline Debate: Who's Getting Nash?

Three...sources told this past week that the deal would have to include three to five assets. A look at the options out there:


Who the heck is this Pierre LeBrun guy, anyway? What, now the mothership is hiring anyone off the street to write speculative stories on Nash?

Hit the link for the details. I think you might be as shocked as I was.

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