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Phoenix Suns Coach Alvin Gentry Talks State of the Suns

Alvin Gentry recently made an appearance on XTRA 910 with Bickley and MJ. The questions were pretty typical and the answers were, too. The good news is at least Gentry answered some more poignant questions or allowed his interviewers to ask some poignant questions as opposed to Mr. Babby, whose appearance on the show a couple of weeks ago was a waste of everyone's time.

Some interesting responses including the following:

  • The acknowlegement that the Suns are basically a 4 player squad:

"...Marcin (Gortat) is playing great. He’s really playing well. Steve is playing great, Grant (Hill) is doing a good job for us defensively, we’ve had some other guys like Jared Dudley step up..."

  • Discusses the Suns' achilles heel(s) (which, BTW is a much less problematic metaphor than talking about chinks in armor):

"I think we have to be consistent and have some consistency off our bench. If we do that we’ve been able to compete with most of the teams... We have not been able to finish games. We have to find a way to do that for 48 minutes. Not 32 minutes, 38 minutes, or 42 minutes, we’ve got to be able to do it for 48 and that’s where we’ve struggled a little bit..."

  • Of course the idea of trading Steve Nash (I believe was Bickley asking), which was promptly shut down by Gentry in the easiest manner possible, basically "it's not my job to make trades." HA!

Overall, Gentry didn't say a whole lot that we already hadn't heard before. I did find it interesting that while talking about the Suns inability to close teams out, he calls on the fans to help: "...not only to we need to step up, but your fans have to step up as well..."

Check out the audio and full transcript:

Alvin Gentry Refuses to Waste His Energy Thinking About the Future of Steve Nash

"...I know it’s been said that Kobe (Bryant) has this passion or hate for us but you know we’re not exactly in love with them either so the feeling is pretty mutual there. We haven’t had the success that we have had in the past against them but I thought our guys did a great job of battling against them last night and competing like crazy."

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