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Phoenix Suns Weekly Player Power Ranking

As we have well established by now, the fine folk at SB Nation Arizona compile a weekly power ranking of sorts of the Phoenix Suns players. Typically, the top spot is reserved for Steve Nash. In fact, I suspect that three years after he retires, Nash might still be in the top spot.

This week, Marcin Gortat returned to the role of second fiddle while Frye, Redd, Hill and Dudley round out the next four. Personally, I would have put Jared a bit higher but that's how these things go with power rankings.

Here's a link to the list so you can check them out and then come back and provide your own list/critique/recipe for fried avocado.

Phoenix Suns Player Thermometer, Week 8: Gortat Back To Polish Hammering - Desert Dirt - SB Nation Arizona
It was a week in which the Phoenix Suns got throttled by the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Lakers got throttled by the Phoenix Suns. The team also lost a back-to-back-to-back that was painful to watch. But, Marcin Gortat got some of his groove back and Channing Frye seems to have found some consistency. Also, Steve Nash distributed the ball like only Cap'n Nash can. As is the norm for this year's team, this week was a mixed bag.

Mahalo amigos

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