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Orlando Magic Reportedly Coming Hard For Nash, What Would It Take?

Steve Nash, NBA All-Star and subject of plenty of trade rumors.
Steve Nash, NBA All-Star and subject of plenty of trade rumors.

Steve Nash has said he doesn't want to leave the Phoenix Suns. The Phoenix Suns say they have no intention of trading Steve Nash. So, when we see reports that the Orlando Magic are going to come after Nash at the trade deadline we can surely dismiss that as yet another NBA trade rumor destined to go nowhere.

Here's the latest rumor:

NBA Rumors: Steve Nash to be "Aggressively" Pursued by Orlando Magic, According to Report - Orlando Pinstriped Post
The Orlando Magic will "aggressively" try to acquire Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash prior to the NBA trading deadline on March 15th, reports Jarrod Rudolph of RealGM, citing "multiple sources." Rudolph says he's "not sure" what Orlando could offer Phoenix in order to entice it to part with its franchise player.

Now that we've established the Magic really want Nash and that the Suns won't trade Nash, let's go to the next level and discuss what kind of offer Orlando would have to make to blow Phoenix out of the water. In other words, what's an offer that Lon Babby can't refuse.

The obvious piece from Orlando is Jameer Nelson. Nelson is having a bad year but is a former All-Star. You can look up the numbers yourself. Nelson is making $7.8m this year and has a player option for $7.8m next year.

Maybe in a different environment, especially one that features point guards, Nelson could revive his career and if not, the contract isn't bad.

Nelson for Nash straight up ain't enough though so here's the kickers to make this a deal Lon Babby can't refuse.

Ryan Anderson for Channing Frye: Anderson and Frye are essentially the same player. They are both stretch four's who aren't great defenders. Anderson is having a better season so far but most importantly, swapping these guys saves the Suns a ton of money.

Frye will make $6.4m next year and has a player option for $6.8m in 2014/15. Anderson will be an RFA after this season so that gives the Suns more salary flexibility.

Nelson and Anderson for Nash and that enough?


Frye is a proven player who's starting to play well and while Andreson is nice, if the Suns were going to keep him it would probably end up costing about what they are paying Frye.

But throw in a swap for J.J. Redick who's $6.2m for next season isn't even guaranteed for Josh Childress and his remaining $21m over the next three years and now we are talking.

The Suns are saving a ton of money in a deal like this and getting control of a better player in Reddick and a better deal in Anderson and Nelson is exactly the kind of care-taker point guard you need while you rebuild.

Would the Magic do a deal for Frye, Childress and Nash that costs them Nelson, Redick and Anderson? I seriously doubt it, but if Otis Smith is calling me looking for Nash, that's the answer he gets.

By the way, just to be PERFECTLY clear, this is all just idle speculation. I've not heard anything or talked to anyone about this. This is just good, clean Monday morning rosterbation.

The chances of this happening are slim to none in my opinion but that shouldn't stop us, right?

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