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SB Nation's YouTube Channel Launches On Thursday, March 1

SB Nation will launch a BIG TIME brand new YouTube channel on Thursday, March 1st featuring people like Amy K. Nelson and Bomani Jones as well as Matt Ufford and Dan Rubenstein. SB Nation's Jason Kirk and Spencer Hall will combine their talents to host "Shutdown Fullback" which promises to be unpredictable and entertaining.

This isn't just another YouTube channel. SB Nation built a TV studio in New York City, hired legit talent and has invested heavily in building out next generation video capabilities. In other words -- this is going to be awesome!

The video below is an example of the types of things you might see and if you are interested head on over to the SB Nation channel and don't forget to subscribe.

The project will also feature local content as well. Here's a "test" of the type of reports I will be doing.

This one is pretty straight forward, but I hope to get better and will certainly get more creative. In the future, we would love to get more of our writers and community involved in these video reports and special features. Stay tuned...and don't laugh at me too hard.

You will be seeing some new video-related links and sidebar widgets on the site soon.

Introducing the new SB Nation YouTube Channel | Subscribe Now | Follow @SBNStudios

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