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BSotS Sponsor TiqIQ is Offering Smoking Deals for Tomorrow Night's Suns/Bobcats Game!

Looking to get good seats for a Suns game but don't want to spend a ton of money? Tomorrow night's game against the Bobcats is your chance! Through our ticket partner TiqIQ's "make an offer" feature, you can essentially pick your price to get in to the game, and get close to the action: For a "2 star seat" that usually sells for over $66 (after all the fees), you can score substantial savings for an offer of around $25, with no additional fees for shipping or handling.

So yeah, it's not like the Bobcats are a marquee team, but seeing the Suns from good seats, close to the action is a great experience, no matter the opponent. How many more chances will you get to see Steve Nash and Grant Hill in the purple and orange? And these tickets would normally put a serious dent in your wallet.

But you have to move as quickly as Shannon Brown chucking up a jumper early in the shot clock, as this deal EXPIRES on Friday night. To hoist up your shot for some good, inexpensive seats, click here:


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