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Super Bowl Commercial Featuring Steve Nash Runs Flat (Video)

The Super Bowl really should be a national holiday. People are getting together with friends and having a good time as opposed to say, President's Day where we do nothing together or that Thanksgiving holiday were we are forced to gather with family who we may or may not like. The Super Bowl, however, is just one giant party with the people you want to be with.

If you're like me, you were at a 2012 Super Bowl party with both hardcore and casual NFL fans watching the game, less than casual fans (aka the women folk for the most part) watching the commercials, and preteen girls and old men watching Madonna do her thing.

Then again, the commercials during the Super Bowl are pretty cool.

This year one of the best promoters and pitchmen in all sports got in the act. That's right, Steve Nash was in a Super Bowl commercial.

With Steve's long and storied history of making and staring in commercials this should have been an instant hit. When Will Smith is in a movie you expect it to be good because his previous movies were all good.

Nash was the guy who did this fantastic Training Day commercial for Nike, he did this Pitchman commercial for Vitamin Water and perhaps his best work was this "commercial" for the movie Avatar.

This year, however, Nash found himself in a Super Bowl commercial for a car tire. He was bouncing a ball made to look like a tire. He was with TIM DUNCAN. He wasn't allowed to be funny. What a waste of talent.

Video of Nash bouncing a ball that's been digitally modified to dribble silently is after the jump.

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