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Happy Steve Nash Day! 38 And Going Strong

Happy birthday, Steve Nash. 38 might seem like a ripe old age to some and in terms "basketball years" he's certainly up there, but if we've learned anything from watching Steve it's that good eating, hard work and quiet determination can defy the logic of both age and even sometimes gravity.

After a slow start to the season that admittedly had me worried, Nash has bounced back with a shooting show for the ages. Steve is hitting on 45.2% of his threes, 55.6% from the field (a career high) and leads the NBA with 10 assists per game playing with....not Amare Stoudemire.

If you take the first four games of the season out, Nash is shooting 60.5% from the field. 60.5%!! That's an incredible number for a guard. Chris Paul is the next-closest guard and he's shooting 51.5%.

We've already heard plenty this season about "Trade Steve Nash" or "#FreeSteveNash" and there's no doubt that we will hear more before the March 15 trade deadline is over.

But for today, let's just celebrate Steve Nash for being Steve Nash and giving us all these years of great entertainment. He's got at least a few more left in that hairy Canadian body.

Go out and exercise a bit and think of Steve Nash.

Put down the hamburger and eat some veg and think of Steve Nash.

Or just do your job a little better today and think of Steve Nash.

Happy Steve Nash Day.

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