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Houston Rockets at Phoenix Suns Game Thread

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Houston Rockets
@ Phoenix Suns

Thursday, Feb 9, 2012, 7:00 PM MST
US Airways Center

Game preview >

More energy, better rebounding, hit open shots. We got this.

Notes From Gentry's Office:

  • Glad Steve Nash got named to the All-Star team. He deserved it, not even close. Would have liked to have him get the eight days rest instead but he's an All-Star
  • It will be a good experience for Markieff Morris. Playing with guys that talented will show him how much more work he has to do on his game.
  • Houston is playing as well as anyone right now. They are deep with Patrick Patterson and Goran coming off the bench.
  • The Rockets seem to have really good chemistry, they don't care who scores and they are very versatile with who they can play at what position.
  • Last week the Rockets manhandled the Suns and were much more physical. Suns need to do everything better tonight.
  • Was impressed with Suns bench in Milwaukee. Got good looks, executed well and never lost confidence even when down four.
  • Gentry said he did have a conversation with Nash this year about needing him to score more.
  • Gentry got his 300th win in Milwaukee...he wasn't aware and didn't think he'd coached long enough for that.