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Steve Nash, NBA All-Star...Of Course

There's going to be folks in Denver or Utah that might not agree, but Steve Nash making the 2012 NBA All-Star team as a reserve was a no-brainer. You already know this because you watch Steve Nash on a nightly basis. You know how well he's shooting. You know how well he's running the team and dishing the ball. You even know how well he's swatting shots (two of them!) this season.

Here's what NBA All-Star Steve Nash had to say about the honor earlier in the day before it became official that Captain Canada would be heading to his eighth All-Star Game.

"I had one scholarship offer and had a lot of ups and downs in the league so I don't want at any stage of my career to be under-appreciative of the All-Star Game. In some ways I'd probably appreciate it a lot more now knowing the stage of my career that I'm at and how hard I've worked to continue to play. I'd definitely enjoy it."

Not bad, for an old guy. Not bad at all.

Here's the list of Western Reserves:

G Steve Nash Suns
G Russell Westbrook Thunder
F LaMarcus Aldridge Trail Blazers
F Kevin Love Timberwolves
C Marc Gasol Grizzlies
X Tony Parker Spurs
X Dirk Nowitzki Mavericks

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