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Suns 98 Grizzlies 91: Strong Team Effort Propels Suns to Victory

Dudz was huge tonight!
Dudz was huge tonight!

Tonight the Phoenix Suns played an all around solid game at home against the Memphis Grizzlies. The unsung heroes were numerous. While our starters did what they normally do, the bench dwellers scrapped and clawed and fought for victory, Alvin Gentry's trust, and of course, more playing time.

If you didn't watch the game, the boxscore may be misleading. Trust me, Robin Lopez, Sebastian Telfair, Shannon Brown, and Hakim Warrick all deserve a nice round of golf claps. They held leads, played defense, and made the most of their time on the court as the starters got well earned rest.

Hang on Suns fans, we may be in for a real playoff push (knock on wood just in case, I tend to jinx things)

In no specific order:

Jared Dudley: 19 and 7

Marcin Gortat: 15 and 9

Steve Nash: 11 and 15

Grant Hill: 14 and 6

Robin Lopez: 11 and 5

Stay Awake for a Complete Recap and Quotes!!!

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