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Minnesota Timberwolves Are Pretty Darn Impressive

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Excuse the side note here, but as I'm rewatching the Phoenix Suns vs. Minnesota Timberwolves game from Monday night, I'm less concerned about the Suns and more impressed with the Wolves. That is a dangerous team with only a few holes to fill. With a couple of smart moves, they are going to be good for a long, long time.

Up front they have two bigs who can both score inside and Kevin Love gives you range as well to spread the floor. With Rick Adelman's offensive genius and Luke Ridnour's passing they clearly know exactly how to get the most out of those two playing off each other in the pick and roll. Add in Love's excellent passing either out of the double team or the high post and that's solid a solid tandem.

This team can attack you in the low post, from the high post with Love (playing the role Chris Webber filled in Sacramento) and in the pick and roll. That's impressive.

Pekovic can bang and defend on the defensive end while Love can focus on his rebounds. The two of them together are probably as good as Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph.

When Rubio comes back, you have a great play-maker and chemistry guy who also is an above average defender. He might not shoot the ball well, but offense really isn't the issue on this team with Derrick Williams and J.J. Barea off the bench. Either of those guys are capable of changing games by taking advantage of opponents' second unit weaknesses.

The problem, obviously, is on the wings. Martell Webster, Wesley Johnson and Wayne Ellington all do pretty much the same thing and none of them are great defenders. Ellington is a good spot up three point shooter. Johnson has the ability to score but still looks a bit lost. Webster is a vet but seems to have lost his edge.

What they need is a lock down perimeter defender who can cover shooting guards and small forwards and is good enough that you can't completely ignore him at the three point line.

A guy like Trevor Ariza would be perfect for them. Shawn Marion as well. If the Wolves are shopping Michael Beasley as has been reported, they should definitely give the Hornets a call. Ariza, or a guy like him, makes that team top five in the West next year.

And now back to the Suns who have far more holes to fill.

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