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Lon Babby As NBA Trade Deadline Nears: 'Nothing Even Remotely Close' For Suns

Lon Babby was on the Doug and Wolf Show Wednesday afternoon and of course, the primary topic of discussion was the NBA Trade Deadline. In case you've been living under a rock, the deadline is Thursday, March 15 at 3pm ET.

Nothing has changed on the Steve Nash trade front and it seems like the rest of the league has got that message. As for other deals, here's what Babby said:

"We're working the phones constantly just to make sure that we've left no stone un-turned. But if you asked me for a prediction, I'd say there's nothing even remotely close to doing right now so it would have to be something that kind of fell out of the sky in the final 12 or 24 hours."

And in summation he surmised, "I would anticipate that we would not do anything."

But then hedged his bets (just in case), "But I suppose it's possible something could come together quickly."

So in conclusion, Babby said a) the Suns are working the phones, but b) nothing is close to happening so c) don't anticipate a deal but then again d) you never know what might happen.

Seems fair to me.

Babby also talked about Robin Lopez and his improved play of late and offered this:

"It's up to us to maximize that asset so if he's on our team going forward, then we've got to develop that and turn those flashes of excellence into consistent excellence. That's on him, but it's also on us."

And finally, Babby added that he was proud of the Suns' stance on Nash and is proud of how Nash has handled the situation. Overall, he's happy with the way it's played out and thrilled the Suns don't have a circus going on like in some other places.

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