7Footer's College Players To Watch III: Big Men Edition

Well, today's the day...the NCAA tournament is officially here and the games have begun! To coincide with the start of the tournament, I have completed the third and final video of my college players to watch series with this video focused on the power forwards and centers that could help the Suns in the coming draft.

Like my last video on wings, the center and especially the power forward position is ripe with talent this year. So I only focused on the top-level talent that would likely be picked in the early to mid first round where the Suns are likely to be drafting.

Some of you may be wondering why would the Suns draft another big man with their first pick in the draft when they already drafted Markieff Morris last year and they already have either good or at least capable starters and backups. Well, the Suns may not be set at these positions after all. Remember, Robin Lopez will be a free agent after this season and it doesn't seem that the Suns are planning on re-signing him. They could choose to either draft another back-up center, or what I think is more likely, move Channing Frye to the back up center spot and draft another power forward. So this is still potentially a position of need right along with the wing and point guard positions going forward.

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Also, as I explain in the video, Anthony Davis is not featured in this analysis because he is certain to be the first overall pick, and the Suns' chances of landing the first pick overall in the draft is next to none. So instead, I wanted to focus on the other four players I believe are more realistic options behind Anthony Davis.

This video wraps up my series for now, but hopefully I will have some more videos like these after the season as we get closer to the draft. I hope all these videos have been helpful to all of you and that you've enjoyed them!

So take a look and let me know what you think!