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Phoenix Suns Take Half Time Lead Over Miami Heat (Game Thread)

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Well now, guess who has a four point lead over the Miami Heat on the road at the half. The same team that got down nine in a blink of an eye and then rallied back with a combination of strong defense, solid shooting and great bench play. The Phoenix Suns are balling.

Looking at the box score, the Suns are -10 on points in the paint (30-20), giving up 58% shooting, and have turned the ball over ten times leading to 16 Miami points. But where they are dominating is on the offensive glass with an 11-2 advantage in second chance points.

Who is this team?

18 points off the bench for the Suns with five from Michael Redd and four each for Robin Lopez and Shannon Brown and then balanced scoring from the starters (except for Channing Frye, 2 points).

Can they hold on to steal the win? Yes.

Will they? I have no idea.