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Suns Vs. Spurs Video Highlights: Where Shannon Brown Goes Ham that you, Wil? that you, Wil?

The Phoenix Suns players were disappointed with the way they defended the San Antonio Spurs and they weren't pleased with the scoring drought that came during a stretch of the fourth quarter. Those things cost them the game and they shouldn't be pleased.

They expect to win every time they play.

We, however, have no such expectations. Sure, they can win any game, but the Spurs are damn good and without their best perimeter defender (Grant Hill) and with a banged up Steve Nash (back tightened) this really was going to be a tall task.

The game was, however, highly entertaining and at times seriously hilarious. I had fun watching it and folks, what more can we realistically ask for? This is the entertainment business after all.

Here's some video from after the game, including Shannon Brown dropping a reference to his championship experience.

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Game highlights after the jump.

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