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Suns Vs. Spurs In The House Of Pain

Hey Steve, does it hurt right here when I hit big shots against you?
Hey Steve, does it hurt right here when I hit big shots against you?

Friday was a good day for the Suns. They handled the Houston Rockets with relative ease (relative as in a fairly nice cousin who's kind of a pain in the ass but not nearly as bad as your crazy drunk aunt) and now get to head a few hundred miles deeper into the heart of Texas for a date with the Spurs in what's been for the Suns The San Antonio House Of Pain.

What's left to say about this match up? We've been here and done that far too many times. Those old bugs are still shuffling along and gettin' 'er done. Mix in Mr. Diaw and Mr. S-Jax and they are deep, dangerous, young, old, fast, sold, efficient and just reckless enough to play up-tempo and drop 125 points on yer head.

Game time: 6:00 p.m. on Fox Sports Arizona and for the second night in a row, on ESPN.

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San Antonio Spurs Roster

# Pos. DOB W H College
James Anderson 25 G 3.25.89 215 6-6 Oklahoma State
DeJuan Blair 45 C 4.22.89 270 6-7 Pittsburgh
Matt Bonner 15 F 4.5.80 235 6-10 Florida
Boris Diaw 33 F 4.16.82 235 6-8 None
Tim Duncan 21 F 4.25.76 255 6-11 Wake Forest
Manu Ginobili 20 G 7.28.77 205 6-6 None
Danny Green 4 G 6.22.87 210 6-6 North Carolina
Stephen Jackson 3 F 4.5.78 220 6-8 None
Cory Joseph 5 G 10.20.91 185 6-3 Texas
Kawhi Leonard 2 F 6.21.91 225 6-7 San Diego State
Patrick Mills 8 G 8.11.88 185 6-0 Saint Mary`s-CA
Gary Neal 14 G 10.3.84 210 6-4 Towson
Tony Parker 9 G 5.17.82 180 6-2 None
Tiago Splitter 22 F 1.1.85 240 6-11 Brazil


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