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Suns Vs.Hornets Video Highlights: Steve Nash Feels Better, Josh Childress Hits a 3!!!

So who is this Rick Celibrini (sp?) Whoever he is, he does magical things to Steve Nash. I'm picturing this guy with a red phone in his home, awaiting the inevitable Spring call from Steve Nash. I think we all owe this guy and Aaron Nelson some thanks for keeping the boys in good playing condition.

It's a beautiful thing waking up Monday morning knowing the Phoenix Suns won the night before. And to boot, they're now 1.5 back of the 8th seed. Spring is beautiful!

There were many more beautiful things found in the highlights below: Nash taking on 4 Hornets on a break, the pretty feed to Gortat for a dunk, Robin Lopez playing quality basketball, Shannon Brown hitting from beyond the arc and elsewhere, and hell man, check it out yourself.

4-1-12 Phoenix Suns Vs New Orleans Hornets Full Game Highlights HD (via TekTv9999)

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