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Suns Vs. Clippers Video Highlights And Postgame Comments

Get some...uh...
Get some...uh...

Well, now that was certainly an entertaining "playoff" game. The Phoenix Suns didn't exactly play great, especially offensively, but unlike during other parts of the season, they came up big down the stretch. Putting Sebastian Telfair on Chris Paul for those final few possessions was genius and as you'll see in this video, Bassy has been playing through some rib issues.

Here's the video with Robin Lopez talking about his hit on Blake Griffin, Jared Dudley talking about getting hit by Kenyon Martin and then taking it out on poor Blake (and also calling Bassy the "Black Sasha Vujacic"), we hear from Steve Nash who was in a hurry to get somewhere, and we hear from The Black Sasha Vujacic himself.

You can read Blake's postgame comments about the hit here.

Here's the video highlights from the game.

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