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NBA Western Conference Playoff Standings Update: Game Over


Last night the Phoenix Suns played their biggest game of the season on the road against the Utah Jazz. Both teams were fighting for the 8th and final seed for the NBA Western Conference playoffs and only one would survive. Unfortunately for the Suns, it wouldn't be them.

This loss officially ended the Suns' valiant fight to make the playoffs after a really bad first half of the season, and a pretty darn good second half. The Utah Jazz have clinched the 8th seed while the Suns will once again be bound for the lottery.

Here are the final Western Conference standings:


The Suns still have one more game left to play tonight, but honestly last night's loss to Utah felt like the end of the season. The playoff standings are set and the Suns just didn't get it done...So close, yet so far away.

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