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WE WANT STEVE! Suns Fans Step Up, Nash Reacts (Video and More)


Wednesday night at U.S. Airways Center was an amazing scene. It was completely organic and spontaneous and 100 percent genuine when the Phoenix Suns crowd started chanting for their hero, Steve Nash, with about five minutes left in the game.

It began with a group of fans behind the basket in section 108 and immediately spread to the entire arena. Soon the entire building was on their feet chanting "WE WANT STEVE".

I give Arizona sports fans a lot of crap. This town is known for having front-running fans who can be pretty laid back and lack the passion and commitment you see in other markets. This, however, was something else entirely. This was awesome.

Here's what Nash had to say about the matter and while we are on the topic, here's what he had to say after the game about his future.

And here's video of what I had to say about the game and season and some of the Nash video along with Telfair and Dudley talking in the locker room.

Well done, fans.

There's also some talk about why Nash didn't stay in the game longer or come back in for the final possession to try and win the game. Here's how Gentry explained it:

"No, I wasn't going to put him in. He wasn't warmed up and we were in a situation where we can see if some other guys can do some things. There's a lot of decisions that have to be made here and I thought that was a situation where we could stick somebody else in and see if they could make the play or see if we could execute.

He's not going to be able to be here forever, even if he decides to come back, so at some stage somebody's going to have to make a play and I just thought tonight was an opportunity for some guys to have a chance to try and execute and run some plays and take some shots at the end of the game."

Also, remember that at this point losing the game helps a tiny bit in the draft order AND most importantly, Nash's body isn't right and he's not been shooting the ball well recently or in this game. It would have been highly unlikely that he would have made a three. At best he would have tied the game and gone to OT which no one wanted.

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