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Where Should Steve Nash Go?

I've made it plenty clear that I think Steve Nash will come back to the Phoenix Suns and I think that's the best thing for the Suns. I don't see his options anywhere as good as they are in Phoenix where he's comfortable, his kids are in school, he loves the coach and system, and he can get paid more than by other teams.

Of course, he might not come back and certainly there's a lot of NBA fans outside of Arizona who want him to leave. The problem is, none of the teams I've heard mentioned make much sense. People want him to go in concept, but the reality is that a change would have to clear a lot of hurdles for him.

So here's the question:

Other than Phoenix, where should Steve Nash go and why?

Leave your answers in the comments below.


The fantastic Basketball Jones video show / podcast spent a lot of time on this question yesterday polled their viewers as well. Check it out.

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