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NBA Playoffs 2012 Opening Day Game Thread


Well, Suns fans, it's another two months until the NBA Draft, which will be followed by the Summer of Steve, and by August we'll have many of our questions about the future of this team answered.

In the meantime, we'll see if this year's post-season can replicate the excitement of last year's when the Spurs were upset in the first round, the Lakers in the second, and the Mavericks got hot at just the right time to send LeBron James home without a ring yet again.

Today's matchups feature the top three seeds in the Eastern Conference, the Bulls, Heat and Pacers. The nightcap will be the West's top team Oklahoma City Thunder hosting the defending NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks. Not a bad way to start things off.

2012 NBA Playoff Team Previews

You're gonna wanna go ahead and click that link right there. It contains all of the team previews from around SB Nation.

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