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Suns Michael Redd Peaking at Just the Right Time

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Nice to have you in the desert, Mike
Nice to have you in the desert, Mike

The Phoenix Suns front office is an enigmatic, easy to dislike group. They have been very quiet this season, and most of the public statements they've made haven't given us fans much to sink our teeth into as far as the direction of this franchise that has been in the process of rebuilding for um, heck when did rebuilding start? When D'Antoni left and was replaced by Porter? When Marion was traded for Shaq? When Kerr and Co. left? When Amare left?


The hallmark of any frugal sports franchise is the low risk-high reward signing. While it sounds kind of technical in a sense, it's pretty easy to identify. Take Michael Redd as an example. Once, a former NBA All-Star with the Milwaukee Bucks, Redd shredded his ACL and MCL not once but twice. After finishing up a 6 year $91 million dollar deal with the Bucks, Redd faced a very long road back to his former self. Once he was healthy enough to garner offers from various teams, he chose the Phoenix Suns.

Thanks to father time and the Aaron Nelson posse of medical magicians, Redd has prospered at the perfect stretch of the Suns season.

If anyone knows something about rebounding from injuries, it is Steve Nash, who spoke of Redd: "He's turning the corner...We're seeing more consistent basketball out of Mike because his body is getting better and better. I just feel excited for him. He feels better every night and he can do the things he's accustomed to doing."

The Suns have struggled for offense sporadically all season, especially in the second unit. Redd's resurgence has been unexpected and well-timed. If the Suns make the playoffs, it will be in part due to Redd getting healthy and producing at a down the stretch. Perhaps the suits upstairs deserve a pat on the back for this one.

Suns Michael Redd 'turning the corner'-AZ Central/Paul Coro

Redd, 32, has scored at least 15 points in four consecutive games for the first time since January 2009, which was before his first ACL tear. He has averaged 18.3 points off the bench and become the bench's go-to player. The four games came over five nights, showing that his knee is holding up just fine 40 games later.

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