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NBA Playoffs 2012 Game Thread: Ich Bin Ein Nuggets Fan

Did you know George Karl is seventh all-time in career coaching wins? And he looks like John Lithgow.
Did you know George Karl is seventh all-time in career coaching wins? And he looks like John Lithgow.

The first game 7 of the NBA Playoffs is upon us as the Denver Nuggets have fought their way back from a 3-1 series deficit to push the Lakers to the brink, with the deciding game in Los Angeles tonight. In the past, the Nuggets have been easy to dislike, but many of their more objectionable characters (Kenyon Martin, J.R. Smith) are gone. Since seeing the Lakers lose fills our hearts with joy, I have no problem fully supporting the Nuggets tonight.

In the other remaining Western Conference series, LA's Clippers have also blown a 3-1 series lead after dropping game 6 to the Grizzlies last night, 90-88. Game 7 will be back in Memphis Sunday, and a Grizzlies win would lead to a rematch of last season's first round Grizz upset of the Spurs.

Over in the Eastern Conference, the second round tips off tonight as the eighth seed Philadelphia 76ers, fresh off their surprising series win over the injury-riddled top seeded Bulls, meet the Boston Celtics in a matchup that was once one of the league's premier rivalries. No Larry Bird or Dr. J in this one, but the Celtics Old Three Big Three continues to deliver, and Celtics defense held the Hawks to 82 PPG in their first round series win.

Game times and more after the jump.

Tonight's games:

  • Philadelphia 76ers at Boston Celtics, 5PM MST, TNT
  • Denver Nuggets at Los Angeles Lakers, 7:30PM MST, TNT

Links and Stuff

  • Clips Nation: Grizzlies 90, Clippers 88 - Heading Back To Memphis
  • Kevin Garnett is playing the "I'm being disrespected" card, objecting to charges that he's a dirty player. Since we all know Garnett for his Channing Frye junk punching ways, I'm unmoved by his protestations. Kevin Garnett, The Superstar The NBA Forgot
  • Chris "Birdman" Andersen is under investigation for involvement in child pornography. He has not been arrested or charged with a crime, and his lawyer says he's the victim of extortion. I really hope he's not guilty of anything here. As much as I like joking about his freakish appearance, I'd hate to think he's capable of this. Andersen is on leave from the team and won't play tonight.
  • Everybody's favorite mental health care advocate, Metta World Peace, will return from his suspension tonight.
  • Lakers first year head coach Mike Brown's job is on the line, opines former Laker great and current ESPN commentator Magic Johnson. Said Magic, "Mike Brown will not be coaching the Lakers if they lose this game. There would be so much pressure on Jim Buss and the Laker organization to get rid of him."
  • George Karl coached in Seattle during Soundgarden's prime. The legendary Seattle band is back with this song from "The Avengers" soundtrack. It's not quite vintage Soundgarden, but the chorus is great. "Like the Suns we will live to rise again." At least that's how I hear it.

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