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NBA Playoffs 2012 Sunday Game Thread and Links: Heat Face Crucial Test in Indy

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The drama of the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers again takes center stage in the NBA playoffs, as the Lakers fell to the OKC Thunder 103-100 behind 37 points from Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook, and the Heat face a 2-1 deficit to the Indiana Pacers heading into today's game four in Indianapolis.

Westbrook is often criticized for shooting too much and not distributing enough as a point guard, and last night he attempted 26 FGs while dishing only 5 assists. Of course, it's hard to complain about his shooting when he hits 57% of them as he did in game 4, leading the Thunder to a 3-1 series advantage.

The Heat find themselves in an unexpected hole after being shellacked by the Pacers in game 3 Thursday, and will try to even the series up this afternoon, still missing injured Chris Bosh, and after Dwyane Wade and coach Erik Spoelstra deny that there is friction between them.

In the other remaining series, the Spurs are fully in control 3-0 over the Clippers after coming back from a 24-point first half deficit to teach the young Clippers a painful lesson, and the Sixers continue to surprise, now even at 2-2 with the Celtics.

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Yesterday's recaps:

Welcome to Loud City: Thunder 103, Lakers 100: Why Can't I Hold All of These Comebacks? (2012 NBA Playoffs WCSF Game 4 Recap)

Westbrook and Durant were a combined 25 of 44 from the floor tonight, the rest of the team was 13 of 33. They shot 17 free throws, as well. They were both incredibly efficient tonight, always looking for great looks.

But Serge Ibaka, he was 7-11, pretty much accounting for the majority of makes from the rest of the team. Since he continued to miss jumpers tonight, it felt like he did a lot worse. But the truth is, he was down there getting some great offensive boards, and he had a few nice opportunities on the pick and roll as well.

Liberty Ballers: Lavoy Allen Punks Celtics, Kevin Garnett Again

Kevin Garnett is not my favorite person. Loved him in Minnesota, then obviously not so much in Boston. He's a hell of a player and future Hall of Famer but his offensive game has gotten extremely obvious these days. Jumper or post-up turnaround. Not much else. Spencer Hawes has had trouble defending either, while Lavoy Allen has done a much better job.

Pounding the Rock: Spurs' Dominance Continues, Regardless

The Spurs, as we all know, are the deepest, most potent team in the league. We have 6 players that shoot better than 36% from three point land. We have great drivers and an incredible post player. The Spurs have built a team that never puts a lineup on the floor that can be manipulated. Our opponent always has to guard every Spur and that means they have no defensive flexibility.

Today's Games:

Peninsula is Mightier: An Open Apology to Chris Bosh

I myself have been as tough on Bosh as any other writer here at PIM, but his recent injury has taught me-in a new way-the wisdom of these words: "You never miss a good thing ‘til it's gone." I just want to go on the record on behalf of any and all Heat fans who have undervalued or badmouthed the guy and say, "Chris, I apologize. I hate it took you getting injured for me to realize this, but 18 points, 8 rebounds per game, and a strong interior defensive presence are hard to come by in this league. I am very sorry for taking you for granted."

Miscellaneous Stuff:

Phoenix Suns assistant Bill Cartwright will not return

After four seasons with the Suns, assistant coach Bill Cartwright's contract will not be renewed. Cartwright was hired by then-General Manager Steve Kerr, a former teammate, and then-Coach Terry Porter in 2008 to help Amar'e Stoudemire's defense, rebounding and post-up game and with an eye on drafting a big man later that month, which it did with Lopez.

The following story is off-topic, but not really. Cleveland Indians relief pitcher Chris Perez verbally unloaded regarding the negativity and lack of support from the team's fans in a tirade after yesterday's win over the Miami Marlins.

Athletes don't generally get much support when they rant against fans, but I can appreciate where Perez is coming from. There is a certain subset of fans who seem to get enjoyment out of bitching and criticizing players more than anything else. A lot of what Perez says is true, and reminds me of the tone our game threads sometimes descend to.

Chris Perez closes out Cleveland Indians' 2-0 win over Miami, then fires heat at fans for boos, low attendance

"After I struck out Montero, the mock standing applause just adds to it," said Perez. "You see their true colors."Perez ended the 10th by striking out Jesus Montero, but even that didn't ease his anger because the fans responded with a Bronx cheer. "They booed me against the Mariners when I had two guys on. It feels like I can't even give up a base runner without people booing me. It's even worse when there's only 5,000 in the stands, because then you can hear it. It p----s me off."

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