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NBA Playoff Schedule And Update: Eastern Conference Gets Even Worse

Who needs basketball when wrestling is an option.
Who needs basketball when wrestling is an option.

The Eastern Conference side of the 2012 NBA Playoffs has degenerated into a typical slug fest. This is what happens when teams don't trust their talent and can't execute. They get physical and macho and the beautiful game turns into a wrestling match. Ugly.

The Miami Heat ended up winning Game 5 and are up 3-2 on the Indiana Pacers. The silliness started with a hard foul by Tyler Hansbrough on Dwyane Wade. Udonis Haslem upped the ante with an even harder foul on Hansbrough. Then Dexter Pittman, who brings little discernible basketball value to the court, followed up with a needless hit to the neck of Lance Stephenson's with a wink.

Making the entire situation even worse heading back to Indiana for Game 6 is Larry Bird calling his own team "soft". That can't end well.

Here's what's on tap for Wednesday on 2012 NBA Playoff schedule:

Boston Celtic at Philadelphia 76ers at 8:00 p.m. ET / 5:00 p.m. PT on ESPN

Can Brandon Bass follow up his Game 5 outburst of 27 points? If not, the Sixers should be able to win at home and force a Game 7. Between the injuries on the Boston side and the lack of an offensive plan on the Philly side make this another brutal series in the East.

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