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NBA Draft Lottery Results: Phoenix Suns Stay At 13

No surprises here. The Phoenix Suns stay with the 13th pick. It's hard to be disappointed when the odds were sooooooo soooooo long.

As Jim explained the Suns only had a 0.6% chance of landing the #1 overall pick and a 2.18% chance of ascending to the top 3. Long odds indeed.

Oh well.

Here's the full draft order for the first round.

1. New Orleans

2. Charlotte

3. Washington

4. Cleveland

5. Sacramento

6. Portland (via Brooklyn)

7. Golden State

8. Toronto

9. Detroit

10. New Orleans (via Minnesota)

11. Portland

12. Milwaukee

13. Phoenix

14. Houston

15. Philadelphia

16. Houston (via New York)

17. Dallas

18. Minnesota (via Utah)

19. Orlando

20. Denver

21. Boston

22. Boston (via L.A. Clippers)

23. Atlanta

24. Cleveland (via L.A. Lakers)

25. Memphis

26. Indiana

27. Miami

28. Oklahoma City

29. Chicago

30. Golden State via San Antonio

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